Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to visit Oakwood. How would we go about it?  People who are curious about nudism or who might consider joining Oakwood are offered an open invitation to come and see our facilities, meet our members , learn more about how we operate, and fully experience the joys of social nudism. Naturally, there is no obligation to join. Take the first step and fill out our contact form.

If we are not members of the AANR or another nudist club, is there any way we can visit Oakwood without joining? Absolutely, The Oakwood Club is a 100% AANR club so if you would elect to join your AANR membership would be included in your Oakwood membership fees, but there is no expectation for visitors to have an affiliation. After all how do you know what you like until you give it a try.

Can we stay overnight on our first visit? Yes, camping fee's are listed on our rates page. Checkout time is 11:00 am. Please be sure to make reservations with our membership team. Also, if you elect to connect to water you must have a back flow valve. If you don't have one please let us know. State law requires one for each water hookup at all campgrounds.

Do you have any rental facilities available? Yes, We have two rental trailers available for rent. You can see pictures of them here and the rates are here.

When are you open? For our members, we are open year around. (Those winter saunas can feel great!) Our main season (when the water is turned on) runs from about April 15 to October 15, depending on the weather. Visitors are allowed to visit during the main season. Please contact our membership team for an appointment.

What facilities do you have at the club? We have tenting sites, rental trailers, and open RV lots with electric, water and sewer hookups available. Firewood for campfires, ice, and WiFi are available at no extra cost. We have a heated swimming pool, two  bathhouses, an electric sauna, a wood sauna, a clubhouse with full kitchen, two pentanque courts, two volleyball courts, a shuffleboard court, a horseshoe court, a large open area for sunning, large wooded areas with hiking trails and approximately 80 campsites.

Can I buy food or beverages on the grounds? For the most part no. Food is not available for sale at Oakwood. Occasionally we will have events where a meal will be provided for a slight donation. These events will be listed on the Oakwood Club Calendar. If it is not listed there then you should assume you will need to bring your own food with you. There are several places to eat nearby outside of the club grounds.

Where are you located? Oakwood is located near the Wyoming/35W exit in the north metro area. Since we do not have a gatekeeper, the exact location of the club is kept private until your visit is arranged.

What's the best time of the week for us to visit Oakwood? We can arrange for you to visit Oakwood just about any day of the week. However, weekdays can be pretty quiet sometimes. If you would like to meet a lot of the members, play volleyball, petanque, etc., you should plan on visiting during the weekend.

My partner is very reluctant about visiting a nudist club. Any advice? It's only natural to be a little nervous on your first visit to a nudist club. However, it's important to keep in mind that what is exciting, perhaps anxiety producing adventure to you, is nothing new to our members. New couples visit Oakwood nearly every week of the season, so you won't draw any special attention. You should however, never pressure your partner into visiting a nudist club. Neither one of you will enjoy the experience.

Can I check out Oakwood without my spouse or "significant  other"? No, If you are part of a couple, you must join as a couple, and both partners must visit the club together for the initial visit. Should you decide to join, both partners must participate in the club, though you need not always visit the club together.

What do you do to protect visitors or members? First, you never have to reveal your occupation to anyone. Secondly, as a member, your last name will only be known by people who need to know it for record keeping, billing, mailings, etc.

Do we have to be nude at Oakwood? No, We are in Minnesota so the weather is not always conducive for being naked.  We also understand that it may take a little while to become comfortable. Because people all around you will be nude, relaxed, and enjoying their day, most people find being nude is more comfortable after a very short period of time anyway. Nudity is always welcome and encouraged here at Oakwood. However the only place where you are required to be nude is in our pool.

Is your staff nude? The membership team will typically be dressed upon your initial arrival and throughout the tour of the grounds to acclimate you to our facility. As a non-profit co-op club, we have no official staff. All work including your membership team are Oakwood Club member volunteers.

What else should we know about our first visit? As a guest of Oakwood, you must adhere to the same rules as the members. Should you engage in inappropriate activity, overindulge in alcohol or act in any disruptive fashion, you will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

Can our friends come with us on our first visit? Yes, we'd love to have them visit, but they must go through the same process of filling out an application.

What should we bring on our first visit? The only necessities are towels (polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry your own towel to sit or lounge on), and sun block. You may want to bring a blanket or chairs and any food or beverages you might desire throughout the day. Alcohol is allowed in moderation (No glass). Radios are allowed only with headphones, and cameras are NOT allowed.

We don't have a tent or trailer. Would Oakwood still be worthwhile for us? Absolutely, While the majority of members lease lots for the season, other members are "day members" who seldom, if ever, stay overnight. They come and go as they please and use the facilities when convenient. They also have the option of renting trailers for over night at a reduced fee.

How many members do you have? As of the 2015 fall membership meeting we had 150 members.

What kind of social activities do you have? Social activities during the season typically include such things as potluck dinners, dances, wine and cheese tasting parties, Minnesota state volleyball championship, Pig roasts, an annual nude car show, skinny dipping,  Hawaiian luau, and body painting contests. During the winter there are occasionally off site activities with other clubs. Check out our calendar to see what is scheduled.

What about pets at Oakwood? Pets are allowed on a leash at campsites at any time. They are NOT allowed in the commons area. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. We suggest you do not bring your pet on the first visit. Oakwood Club Incorporated follows leash laws in accordance with State and local laws.

What are the dues? The dues vary depending on what month you join and how long you've been a member of the club. Our dues are very reasonable compared to what you would pay at other nudist clubs and even with what you would expect to pay at non-nudist campgrounds. See rates page for details.

Can singles join Oakwood?  Yes, but the number of single members allowed is based on a quota system. While the quota for single females typically has some availability, the quota for single men is usually full. Single males should e-mail us to see if there are any openings and to tell us a little about themselves.

What if we want to camp overnight? Overnight camping is available. Bring your own tent, RV, or rent one of our trailers. Campsites are limited so please check with our membership team for availability.